Am Mittwoch, 30. März 2016 12:21 CEST, Kurt Jaeger <li...@opsec.eu> schrieb: 
> Hi!
> > > in mid 2015 I did submit a patch[1] to add an USB product ID to
> > > improve the out-of-the-box experience for owners of i-tec USB 2.0
> > > Docking Stations. As there is no state change on the report since
> > > then, I am wondering if I did address this the wrong way.
> > 
> > You did everything OK.
> hselasky committed the fix to HEAD (thanks!)
> There's one thing you could have done earlier in the release cycle
> for 10.3: Nudge on -current or -stable about the PR so that
> it can still be put into 10.3. I think it will be too late for 10.3 now 8-(

Thanks, I will followup earlier next time. Anyway - at the time I did the patch 
the udl driver was not existing in 10.x series. 

Best regards,

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