Matthew Dillon wrote:
> :> >     kernels then two weeks old for 4.0, and four weeks old for 5.0).
> :>
> :> Yes.  This started long before the SMP cleanup MFC.  I'm running 4-stable.
> :
> :Let me second this.  I have been unable to use moused on my laptop
> :(Sony VAIO 505TR with Versapad) since syscons changes went in right
> :after 4.0-RELEASE (it worked under -RELEASE), but broke under -STABLE.
> :I had a discussion with Kazutaka YOKOTA, but nothing was resolved.
> :Cut and paste were OKish on the ttyvN with a very twitchy pointer image,
> :but it was completely unusable under XFree86-3.3.6 that shipped with
> :-RELEASE (not sure if I should rebuild X or not).  I have been running
> :sans moused ever since (so it is not hardware related in my case).
> :
> :S
> :-----------------------------------------------------------------------
> :Sean O'Connell                                Email: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>     Ok, at least it wasn't me :-)  That's all I care about, bye! .. heh heh,
>     just kidding.  It seems that people are homing in on the problem being
>     syscons, that's two so far.  Is there any further corroboration?

Yes, I updated from 3.3 to 4.0-CURRENT about 5 days after the release,
and it started happening for me right then.

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