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297577 by avg:
x86 topo: add some comments, descriptions and references to documentation

Plus a minor cosmetic change.

MFC after:      1 month

297576 by mmel:
TEGRA: Fix CPU frequency switching.
The PLL_X, base CPU frequency source, doesn't have a bypass switch and thus
we must use another frequency source for CPU while changing its frequency.
PLL_P is ideal for this, it runs at 480MHz and CPU can be clocked at this
frequency at any CPU voltage.

297573 by jhibbits:
Add support for the Microchip mcp7941x.

This is compatible with the ds1307, but comparing the mcp7941x datasheet vs the
ds1307 code, appears there is one bit placement difference, so that is now
accounted for.

Relnotes:       yes

297572 by jhibbits:
Make i2c device child auto-probe work for MPC85xx and QorIQ SoCs.

OFW i2c probing requires a new method ofw_bus_get_node(), and the bus device is
assumed iichb.  With these changes, i2c devices attached in fdt are probed and
attached automagically.

297571 by wblock:
Add another real-life example of setting a quirk for a USB gaming
keyboard.  From forum thread:

MFC after:      1 week

297570 by jhb:
Remove a redundant check.

cpu_suspend_map is always empty if smp_started is false.

Sponsored by:   Netflix

297569 by jhb:
Remove an unneeded check.

CPUs with valid per-CPU data are not absent.

Sponsored by:   Netflix

297568 by jhb:
Don't wakeup the fdc worker thread once a second when idle.

The fdc worker thread was using a one second timeout while waiting for
a new bio to arrive or for the device to detach.  However, the driver
already does a wakeup when queueing a new bio or asking the thread to
detach, so the timeout only served to waste CPU time waking up the
thread once a second just so it could go right back to sleep.  Use an
infinite timeout instead.

Discussed with: phk
Sponsored by:   Netflix

297566 by bdrewery:
DIRDEPS_BUILD: Use 1 parameter for defining -rpath-link.

Sponsored by:   EMC / Isilon Storage Division

297565 by adrian:
[net80211] Add an A-MSDU debug output shortcut.

297564 by glebius:
Add early_customize_cmd() that allows to register custom functions run
before the build stage.

Reviewed by:    imp
Obtained from:  Netflix

297563 by adrian:
[net80211] teach wlanstats about the ff_encapfail field.

Without this it just displays a blank, short column which is just
plainly not useful.

297562 by adrian:
[net80211] add amsdu and fast frames encap failure counters in the ioctl

The code to set these will come in a subsequent commit (when I start
fleshing out A-MSDU support.)

297561 by andrew:
Add a table to map from the FreeBSD CPUID space to the GIC CPUID space. On
many SoCs these two are the same, however there is no requirement for this
to be the case, e.g. on the ARM Juno we boot on what the GIC thinks of as
CPU 2, but FreeBSD numbers it CPU 0.

Obtained from:  ABT Systems Ltd
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation

297558 by avg:
new x86 smp topology detection code

Previously, the code determined a topology of processing units
(hardware threads, cores, packages) and then deduced a cache topology
using certain assumptions.  The new code builds a topology that
includes both processing units and caches using the information
provided by the hardware.

At the moment, the discovered full topology is used only to creeate
a scheduling topology for SCHED_ULE.
There is no KPI for other kernel uses.

- based on APIC ID derivation rules for Intel and AMD CPUs
- can handle non-uniform topologies
- requires homogeneous APIC ID assignment (same bit widths for ID
- topology for dual-node AMD CPUs may not be optimal
- topology for latest AMD CPU models may not be optimal as the code is
  several years old
- supports only thread/package/core/cache nodes

  - AMD dual-node processors
  - latest AMD processors
  - NUMA nodes
  - checking for homogeneity of the APIC ID assignment across packages
  - more flexible cache placement within topology
  - expose topology to userland, e.g., via sysctl nodes

Long term todo:
  - KPI for CPU sharing and affinity with respect to various resources
    (e.g., two logical processors may share the same FPU, etc)

Reviewed by:    mav
Tested by:      mav
MFC after:      1 month
Differential Revision:

297557 by ache:
SJIS encoding don't have single byte characters >= 224

MFC after:      1 week

297556 by andrew:
Reduce the diff for when we switch to intrng. The IPI interrupts will be
split out to multiple handlers.

Obtained from:  ABT Systems Ltd
Sponsored by:   The FreeBSD Foundation

The end of the build log:

Started by an SCM change
Building remotely on (FreeBSD-10) in workspace 
Updating svn:// at revision '2016-04-05T10:53:22.016 
U         sys/kern/subr_smp.c
U         sys/x86/x86/mp_x86.c
U         sys/arm/nvidia/tegra124/tegra124_clk_pll.c
U         sys/arm/nvidia/tegra124/tegra124_clk_super.c
U         sys/arm/nvidia/tegra124/tegra124_cpufreq.c
U         sys/arm/arm/gic.c
U         sys/dev/iicbus/ds1307.c
U         sys/dev/iicbus/ds1307reg.h
U         sys/dev/xen/control/control.c
U         sys/dev/fdc/fdc.c
U         sys/powerpc/mpc85xx/i2c.c
U         sys/net/netisr.c
U         sys/net80211/ieee80211_ioctl.h
U         sys/arm64/arm64/gic.c
U         sys/arm64/arm64/mp_machdep.c
U         sys/sys/smp.h
U         share/man/man4/usb_quirk.4
U         share/mk/
U         tools/tools/net80211/wlanstats/main.c
U         tools/tools/net80211/wlanstats/wlanstats.c
U         tools/tools/nanobsd/
U         tools/tools/nanobsd/
U         lib/libc/locale/mskanji.c
At revision 297577

No emails were triggered.
[FreeBSD_HEAD_amd64_gcc] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/
+ cat
+ svn revert Makefile.inc1
+ svn revert sys/boot/i386/Makefile
Reverted 'sys/boot/i386/Makefile'
+ patch -f
Hmm...  Looks like a unified diff to me...
The text leading up to this was:
|Index: sys/boot/i386/Makefile
|--- sys/boot/i386/Makefile     (revision 280912)
|+++ sys/boot/i386/Makefile     (working copy)
Patching file sys/boot/i386/Makefile using Plan A...
Hunk #1 succeeded at 16 (offset 4 lines).
Hmm...  Ignoring the trailing garbage.
+ /vm/freebsd-ci/scripts/build/
+ [ -z /builds/FreeBSD_HEAD_amd64_gcc ]
+ [ -z amd64 ]
+ export MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=/builds/FreeBSD_HEAD_amd64_gcc/obj
+ mkdir -p /builds/FreeBSD_HEAD_amd64_gcc/obj
+ echo -e 'NO_WERROR=yes
+ cat
+ set +x
>>> /builds/FreeBSD_HEAD_amd64_gcc/make.conf contains:
+ cat /builds/FreeBSD_HEAD_amd64_gcc/make.conf
# Put make.conf entries here
+ set +x
+ sudo pkg install -y devel/amd64-xtoolchain-gcc
Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue...
FreeBSD repository is up-to-date.
All repositories are up-to-date.
Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure
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