Is that the lot of you have treated a homeless man with disrespect simply
because he was open and honest about what goes on in his life.
I have also read about his ideas and they make perfect sense to me. Aiding
and assisting the blind while standing up for others is not a bad thing.
The reaction he received from most of you borders on harassment which is
illegal in a lot of places.
He did not ask any of you for anything and refused both money and help to
prove his honesty.
Not only that, but, you allow someone known for being rude to convince you
that the man did wrong without bothering to gather any other information.
If you are not aware of the rudeness and social manipulation of deRaadt,
you need to rethink things through. More than one person left OpenBSD
because of his lack of respect.
It also seems that David Wolfskill - one of the info@freebsd members, had
treated this homeless man with disrespect.

There is something seriously wrong with all of you to treat such a person
with disdain and disrespect.

Don't say shit.

This man received news that his mother was raped and beat and some of you
make jokes about that situation.

What in the fuck is wrong with you people?

What if that happened to your mother
or sister
or wife
or daughter?
How would you handle the situation?

Don't say a fucking thing.

All of you owe that man an apology.
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