As many are aware, one of the major user-facing changes to FreeBSD in
11.0-RELEASE is packaging the base system with pkg(8).  Originally, the
11.0-RELEASE code slush was scheduled to start on April 22, 2016, which
is only a week away at this point.

With the packaged base system being such a major change to FreeBSD, and
the project branch is not yet merged back to head, the 11.0-RELEASE
schedule has been adjusted to push the release cycle back about a month.

Anything less than a month for this code to settle in head is far too
little time to allow wider testing, despite many people using the
project branch and reporting problems (and thank you!).

The updated schedule is available on the Project website at:

Regarding the projects/release-pkg branch specifically, I am currently
planning on merging it back to head on Friday, provided nothing serious
is reported before then.


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