On 4/8/2016 5:59 AM, Dmitry Marakasov wrote:
> * Ngie Cooper (yaneurab...@gmail.com) wrote:
>>> I'm trying to use "make delete-old" specifying WITHOUT_ keyword for
>>> removing some no-more used set of files.
>>> I've start by testing WITHOUT_TOOLCHAIN:
>>> - Some of files related to clang are correctly delete
>>> - But there are still lot's of others (like /usr/bin/cc)
>>> Then I've checked tools/build/mk/OptionalObsoleteFiles.in and found that
>>> lot's files are missing in the ".if ${MK_TOOLCHAIN} == no" section.
>>> I've started a new run of phk's build_options_survey script:
>>> https://people.freebsd.org/~olivier/build_option_survey_20160406/
>>> And wonder if it's possible to automatically generate the list of
>>> conditional files to be put in OptionalObsoleteFiles.in from the result of
>>> a build_option_survey script ?
>> amdmi3 had a method for doing this, but I think it was a bit of a
>> brute force approach (I could be wrong).
> You are not.
> https://github.com/AMDmi3/obsolete-files-checker
>> The release-pkg project branch method seems like the best way to go
>> about it though because it would kind of do the sanity checking for
>> us...
> Agreed. make delete-old + OptionalObsoleteFiles.in will never be
> complete and work correctly. I'm waiting for packaged base too.

It would be nice if that script and webpage presented a "default" as
too. I just fixed an issue with /usr/lib32/libc_pic.a in r297987 that
doesn't show anywhere on there.  It seems there is no check for "files
installed but still deleted" as well.

Bryan Drewery

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