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298027 by imp:
Add FCCT M500 to the NCQ black list. Linux added it in 4.2 (August
2015). Correct the M500 firmware versions. EU07 was the engineering
test version, not the release version with the fix. MU07 is the
release version. It's the only Micron firmware version to actually
work. Remove support for EU07.

This brings the blacklist into parity with the Linux blacklist as of
4.5, except for the Micron M500 MU07 entry. I personally tested the
MU07 firmware on 12 machines running 6 drives each with no corruption
in the past 6 months with Netflix production loads. Prior versions of
the M500 firmware wouldn't last more than a few days.

Sponsored by: Netflix, Inc.

298026 by imp:
Use the new TUNABLE_INT64 to match the type of sbintime_t.

298025 by imp:
Create wrappers for uint64_t and int64_t for the tunables. While not
strictly necessary, it is more convenient.

298024 by ngie:
Set test_argv to NULL, not 0, if not executing a specific test

MFC after: 1 week
Submitted by: pfg
Sponsored by: EMC / Isilon Storage Division

298023 by ngie:
Fix typos (intenral -> internal) in comments

298022 by sephe:
hyperv: Deprecate HYPERV option by moving Hyper-V IDT vector into vmbus

Submitted by:   Jun Su <junsu microsoft com>
Reviewed by:    jhb, kib, sephe
Sponsored by:   Microsoft OSTC
Differential Revision:

298021 by araujo:
Use NULL instead of 0 for pointers and memory allocation.
malloc and realloc will return NULL pointer if it can't alloc memory.

MFC after:      4 weeks

298020 by jhibbits:
Add fman and dpaa fixups for powerpc fdt

Obtained from:  Semihalf

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