On 18.04.2016 23:30, Rainer Duffner wrote:

> From the discussion, I believe it’s primarily driven by the need/desire to 
> have small packages to make updates easier on the mirror-servers.
  It is bad driver. Mirror servers are hardware. And this enormous
number of packages cause problems for people (system administrators and
operations). I've read almost whole thread and looks like people, who
raise voice against such fine-grained splitting, are mostly ops of many
servers, including legacy ones (and 11 will be legacy in 5 years, too!).
Not developers, not code contributors, but "end-users" of server OS.

> I hope a way is found to manage these number of packages without
> losing sanity and that a normal pkg info doesn’t list them.
> And that pkg upgrade doesn’t upgrade base-packages.
 And there are my (and not only my) worries, too!

// Lev Serebryakov

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