> Den 19. apr. 2016 kl. 03.24 skrev Lyndon Nerenberg <lyn...@orthanc.ca>:
> There aren't enough seconds in the universe to test all the viable 
> combinations for one single release.

We don't even do that with the WITH_FOO/WITHOUT_FOO options now, so why should 
that be a criteria? You can use any combination of those build options today, 
sure, but if something breaks you're on your own (you're always on your own, 
for that matter, since this is open source).

Seriously, there arguments put forth here against packaged base are pretty 
embarrassing. If you don't like packaged base, don't use it. Build and install 
from SVN instead. If you're using freebsd-update today, you essentially have 
14.000 packages and a far less powerful CLI, so why is packaged base not a step 
in the right direction?

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