On Sat, May 27, 2000 at 12:38:36PM -0700, Doug Barton wrote:
>       Try setting the nice value for rc5 to something lower than 20, but
> higher than the highest (lowest) value running on your system. There was
> a bug with the scheduler in the past that items run at nice 20 were
> actually getting more cpu than they were supposed to.

I remember the scheduler bug you're talking about.  My system feels much
the same as it did during 4.0-CURRENT when that bug was active.  I had a
collection of wrapper scripts for CPU intensive programs that suspended
rc5des, ran the program, then reenabled it again.  Should have held on to
them, I guess.

> If this change
> fixes things for you, please report it asap, since my understanding is
> that this problem is rather elusive and annoying.

No, it didn't work, unfortunately.  To test it, I renice'd rc5des to a
couple of different values while encoding an MP3.

When niced at:  +10 rc5des chewed ~40-45% CPU
                +15 rc5des chewed ~35-40% CPU
                +20 rc5des chewed ~25-30% CPU

If there's any other information I can provide, just let me know.


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