On Mon, Apr 18, 2016 at 08:17:12PM -0700, Alfred Perlstein wrote:

> Maybe what the "too many packages" folks need to do is write some code 
> to hide that it's so many packages.
> :)
> I think the rule of two feet should be applied here.
> What we have is people that have worked quite hard to bring us something 
> that we can easily work with, and on the other hand some folks that want 
> something they consider even better.  Personally I can't see how having 
> the system less granular is better, since having it MORE granular is 
> actually harder work.
> Can someone on the "too many packages" campaign here explain to me how 
> having too fine a granularity stops you from making macro packages 
> containing packages?
> Because honestly I can't see how having granularity hurts at all when if 
> someone wanted to make it less granular all they would have to do is 
> make some meta-packages.

Because this is imposible (or very hard) to implement.
After last update (realy update) I have partyaly updated system --
some packages updated, some -- not (I am expect all packages must be
updated). Imposible to combine 800 packages to less meta-package and
distinct improper partial update from proper.

And how I am can paste this list of packages?
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