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I have a weird feeling that the main problem with having a lot
of packages is that people have bad experiences from other systems.
But IMHO the root cause of those problems was not that you had
a lot of packages - the root cause was that it was used by distro
guys to strip basic functionality off from the system, forcing
users and administrators to manually install stuff like scp(1),
compiler toolchain, dozens of packages containing includes,
or even the separate package with basic man pages.

Now, in this case none of this is going to happen.  FreeBSD base
is staying the way it was.  If you want to customize the system,
you can do it in a sane way by removing packages, but you don't
have to.  As for the 'multipage "pkg info" output problem' - on
the laptop I'm typing this on there are 1351 packages installed.
Packaging base will increase it by about half.

And then I'll be hopefully able to remove lpr(1) binaries that
conflict with CUPS.  And sendmail.

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