According to Szilveszter Adam:
> The only remaining issue this far has been that when the Linux RealPlayer 
> starts playing a clip, it will always start-stop-start in the beginning and 

Last time I started the RealPlayer7, it went fine but I'll have to test it
again as soon as I get my card back.

> So you are using pcm then... Well I only have 
> device pcm
> device sbc

Same. I have been using that even in 4.0 for a long time.
> in my kernel config and no PNPBIOS option. (PnP OS set to "no" in the BIOS)

> Despite this, yesterday's kernel prints all sorts of "unknownX <PNPxxx> ....
> " lines which I only saw this far with people who had "options PNPBIOS" in
> their kernels. But it doesn't bother me much... I know that the SB 64 PnP

PNPBIOS is now a standard option :)

> (I have no other PnP devices so I am easy here.)

> The lines that matter come after that:-)

Mine used to generate the same lines.

> What does 'cat /dev/sndstat' say on your system?

Device non configured of course :-(
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