On 19.04.2016 19:28, Nathan Whitehorn wrote:

> 3. Have ~10 meta packages that just depend on sets of the 755 packages
> and hide the internal details. This gives the user experience of (1)
> with the implementation of (2), and is marginally more complex than either.
  How does it help Slawa with his broken system when "pkg upgrade"
replace only half of "base" packages?

 Meta-packages as they are now: "no files, only dependencies" doesn't
help here at all.

  Really, if I want "base but no sendmail" I want easy way to see it
after 5 years after installation, and 755 packages, covered or not by
meta-packages, will need me to read all list of 754 packages to see,
that there is no sendmail, for example. It is trivial example, but it is
completely valid. And there are many other such corner cases, which is
common for administrators and ops, but not for developers.

 Please, consider ops and admins, who must support old installations,
often made by other, not-reachable, people, and stuff like this,

// Lev Serebryakov

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