On 04/19/16 at 01:36P, Nathan Whitehorn wrote:
> On 04/19/16 13:26, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
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> > In message <1461096962.1232.32.ca...@freebsd.org>, Ian Lepore writes:
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> >> Oh yeah, now I remember:  Because in freebsd, design is decided by a
> >> race to commit rather than by discussion.
> > No, that's not it.
> >
> > It is because code talks much louder than words.
> >
> This is kind of a silly argument here since the code change is trivial. 
> There is a potentially large impact on the system that merits 
> discussion. Moreover, there is a whole bunch of other code still needs 
> to be written to make this workable in production that depends to some 
> degree on what choices are made here: what does pkg show for these? How 
> do upgrades work? The installer needs modifications to use pkg instead 
> of tar. It's not clear what the migration path to/from a packaged system 
> is, since the packaging is apparently optional.
> If it would help, I am happy to generate a patch to make the discussion 
> concrete.

Thank you, Nathan.
"code wins" is not the correct argument in this discussion, imo.

Fwiw, I feel this is one of the sensible threads where things are being
discussed without shouting/yelling/shaming. But thats my opinion.


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