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> As far as I know, nobody is taking the source code or the Makefiles
> away, so if somebody doesn't like the system being distributed with
> pkg, they can very well roll their own.
> It's nice to see the level of enthusiasm the FreeBSD project can
> muster, I just wish it wasn't always enthusiasm for stopping progress.

Your statement, at least as pertaining to this particular exchange, is
unfair by any criteria.
I dont think anybody in their right mind would oppose the base packaging
project, all I seen 
where concerns regarding the pkg maturity, and how it handles the sheer
number of resulting packages. 
which, if you think a bit, are legitimate concerns, whatever you agree
with this stance or not.

Yes, it is high time for progress. It is high time that FreeBSD foundation
uses a more sizable chunk
of the donations it receives to pay for projects bringing progress in
FreeBSD.Maybe it is also high time
that companies which make millions using BSD OSes (like Juniper) would
give something substantial back. 
Speaking of progress, somebody should take a look at the autoexec.bat
system called rc, and pay (foundation money)
to have it rewritten in a modern form , which allows service sane service
management and a modern fault reporting
interface. Have the FreeBSD foundation pay to port those from Solaris. 
Also, while here, take a good look at the base system , and use same
foundation money to ensure you expose 
in libraries all critical interfaces to the OS. Next, get a decent IPC
system (there is already code there for this
in the form of Mach ports in NextBSD. Yeah, FreeBSD needs a better way to
do IPC that posix and plain unix domain sockets.

Code is speaking lauder than words, so please, use the opportunity created
by Hubbard and his NextBSD to get a much needed
IPC system in FreeBSD. To be fair, it is needed for progress. 

Lastly, look in a more timely manner to the summer of code projects which
might have produced some useful code. 
Year after year you hear about new GsoC projects, then nothing. I find it
hard to bleive that none of those actually 
produced any useful code.

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