On Wed, Apr 20, 2016 at 06:59:38AM +0300, dan_partelly wrote:
> > 
> > Sadly the tenor and tone of the discussion isn’t one where progress is
> > made. The tone has been a bit toxic and demanding, which grinds people
> into
> > dust, rather than motivating them to fix things. You might call it a
> > discussion, but it reads to me more as a bunch of angry villagers
> storming
> > the castle. No good can come from that. Tone down the outrage by a
> factor
> > of 100 and try to have the conversation again.
> > 
> I'm frankly perplexed by this statement. Its seldom I perceived so much 
> sorrow and bitterness in 6 lines. There is no castle Warner, unless you
> want one to exist, one where you can isolate yourself from the indentured 
> peasants and anything they say. Beyond your thick walls you'll be well
> served,
> every idea outside your wals will be toned down by a factor of 100 by the
> time
> it reaches  the lord, becoming total agreement with anything the lord
> thinks. 
> I cant believe I wrote this shit. But then again, I cant believe you just
> wrote
> what you did.

And it's responses like this that are severely demotivating.


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