On 2016.04.20 07:58, Lev Serebryakov wrote:
   It is very worrying to see such reports without any reaction from
developers in one month before release. If there is one year till
release, it is nothing. But in one month we will have code slush, and
after that — release, which should be supported for several years!

  Also, suggested (and totally ignored in discussion) mechanisms with
overlay packages is not UI, it is underlying mechanism which could be
very useful.

   Again, I have nothing against good package management for base. But
what I see now is scary, if you take one-month-before-release in account!

You mention code slush, but keep saying one month before release. Code slush means *new features* are *discouraged*, not "freeze everything and let it sit for months without addressing any issues". Release is not planned until *September*, and if it is not ready in September, then the release will be delayed. In fact, releases are very frequently delayed since the dates are always estimates and never deadlines. Yes, we are getting somewhat close to release, but there is still time. Also, packaged base work was supposed to be complete enough for wide testing much earlier, but development was stalled for a while.

Also, how much response do you expect in ~17 hours? Developers need time to sleep, do their day jobs, and formulate a detailed response to a detailed email.

There are certainly issues, but this is not something that is going to be rushed into a release in a month to meet a hard deadline as you imply.
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