In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Peter Wemm writes:
: I've made old-style ISA drivers self identifying and got rid of the dreaded
: isa_compat.h table.  As a consequence, the 'struct isa_driver' stuff has
: changed slightly to store the additional data that was in the compat tables
: and a new line is required (COMPAT_ISA_DRIVER()) so the driver registers
: itself with the device subsystem.  This works essentially the same way as
: the COMPAT_PCI_DRIVER() stuff works.
: There shouldn't be any noticable changes except for the slight tweaks
: to the individual drivers.

Now that the drivers are self contained (not self identifying,
right?), I guess that means that I need to finish the hints driver so
that one can set hints for drivers one kld's.


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