> > > HI! I've recently got a SSD device. Yes, not a disk, but a device.
> > > It's called, i. e. one of the first REVODRIVEs.
> > > It's a PCI-express card with two embedded ssd disks about ~ 55GB size.
> > > And it's a raid card. Fake software raid. You can set it up as a
> > > RAID0, RAID1, etc and a CONCATENATION. No way to leave it unconfigured
> > > or set it as JBOD or something else.
> > > You just won't be able to boot from this device in that case.

I used to have one of these in my workstation (mine was recognized as 4 SATA 
of about 60GB). I had put these into a zfs pool with raidz1 and was able to 
boot from
the card without any issue. BIOS reported them as 4 individual drives. These 
pre-NVME, so no NVME driver was necessary. Unfortunately, the card recently 
died of
old age, so I can't provide any more than historic references. The type was 

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