> On 19.04.2016 г., at 5:01, Roger Marquis <marq...@roble.com> wrote:
> Honestly, some of us are wondering what exactly is
> behind some of these concerns regarding base packages.

Not taking a side on this discussion, yet… but the first thing that occurred to 
me is that such way of packaging is traditional for the Linux “distributions”. 
I could imagine people worrying at subconscious level that FreeBSD is going the 
Linux way… and that if they wanted such a model, they would be using Linux 
instead. Today, people have more choice in packaging — but if FreeBSD goes the 
Linux way, someone else will fill the void — so no worries in general.

I can see the support nightmare that a packaged base would bring, but as always 
— this is not enough to judge it. The benefits might be worth it in the long 

I was a long time user of BSD/OS and then switched to FreeBSD when that OS was 
killed. In BSD/OS everything was monolithic. It was rock stable. Very 
dependable and very easy to support. My first few years with FreeBSD were spent 
to get used that the OS was not just one piece, but you could end up with 
different installs.. A bit more support efforts. Not that I am complaining :)

As long as packaged base is not mandatory, it is fine by me.

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