Julian Elischer wrote:
I mentioned this before  but I think hte answer is to make a change on
the way that "meta packages" are displayed by default in pkg.

I like this suggestion both as it applies to base and third party
packages and agree that the 'leaf' keyword, once documented, will
address the use case fairly well.

If I install the meta package, I really don't want to see all the sub
packages tat are unchanged unless I add '-v'.  On the other hand if I
upgrade a sub package I want to see that in the context of the
metapackage. Similarly if I uninstall of the subpackages.

Personally I think the behavior of pkg should remain as it now to avoid
breaking existing scripts and aliases i.e., base packages would not be
shown without specifying a new flag, say '-b'.  This base flag could
similarly display only base packages and also recognize the leaf
concept.  Presumably there should also be a flag to display both third
party and base packages, especially with the audit flag, but that could
be implemented at a future date without significantly reducing the
utility of base packages in 11-RELEASE.

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