To clarify this proposal a bit better, there are only two flags I think
should be added to pkg to accommodate the usability issues introduced by
base packages and to do so without breaking existing scripts and

 -b) only display base packages

 -B) display both base and third party packages

 neither -b nor -B) do not display base packages

The implementation could be as simple as a regex or as extensive as
adding a new field to the database.

That aside there's still the issues of versioning and dependencies.

Haven't seen many versioning recommendations but given existing
implementations (Solaris') have been carefully researched and tested
they should be safe and painless to reuse in pkgng.

Dependency checking and tracking will likely to be the most
time-consuming delta but, IMO and ldd aside, this can be left until
11.1.  For 11.0 it should be sufficient to issue a warning to the effect
"'pkg remove [anything in base]' is not currently supported and may
break parts of the system", at least for those packages which are not
already known by their equavilent 'OPTIONS_UNSET' and 'WITHOUT' build


Personally I think the behavior of pkg should remain as it now to avoid
breaking existing scripts and aliases i.e., base packages would not be
shown without specifying a new flag, say '-b'.  This base flag could
similarly display only base packages and also recognize the leaf
concept.  Presumably there should also be a flag to display both third
party and base packages, especially with the audit flag, but that could
be implemented at a future date without significantly reducing the
utility of base packages in 11-RELEASE.
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