Updated current  { from Sept last year } to this week... and nfe0 now seems to 
require a reboot 
daily at least { no access to beyond-the-lan ... } 

Is there maybe some tunable (net.inet... ) related  or sysctl { kern.ipc... } 
similar, that
could be a cause?  New code of ifconfig or the network stack within the last 
months or so? Usual fixes of MTU size to set? 

The coincidence of the daily network stack loss with the installkernel/world 
r298350 would
at first glance rule out hardware issues... Hadn't seen that type of network  
issue before
{ I can connect to the gateway, but the modem  { comtrend } in bridge mode seems
to fail.  }.    I checked some of the n...@freebsd.org list to no avail...   
The modem had worked
fine for about two weeks previously... at least.

Apologies for wasting anyone's time; there are tests I could run with more 
machines on the
lan, but though to ask here first.   And did not think of those setups until 
after I had half-completed
this email...


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