Warner Losh wrote:
> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Bob Martin writes:
> : If you are using an older K6 with more than 32mb of ram, this will
> : happen from time to time of it's own accord. I have never taken the time
> : to find out why, but if you search the archives, you will find that it
> : happens quite a bit.
> I'm using a PIII-500 and it is happening to me.  This system would
> always build world great, but now fails all the time (20 builds) at
> exactly the same spot.  I don't think this is hardware.

It definitely isn't hardware.  This, I believe,
is a result of the new binutils.  I've narrowed the
window to 

*default date=2000. <-- build completes.
*default date=2000. <-- ld gets a signal 10.


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