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On Fri, 22 Apr 2016, Warner Losh wrote:

I personally will be refraining from engaging further. I plan on seeing
what gaps there are by adding support to NanoBSD for packages. I'll be
with that. In talking to Glen and others, we've already identified a few
easy gaps to fill. Once they've done that, I'll get going on NanoBSD
the goal to be able to use it to build a bootable system of any
architecture from packages with no root privs. I expect to find issues,
I don't expect to find any issue that's intractable. I expect after the
issues are resolved, the end product will be better for everybody.

Thank you for working on NanoBSD.  Do you think it would be possible
to add support for optionally building dump(8) images instead of dd?

What do you  mean by that, exactly? It would be relatively easy to add
a step that runs dump on the _.disk.image file and squirrel that away.
Last orders the code currently calls it, I believe. Is it something as
as this, or is there some more complexity that I'm failing to understand
or grasp?

Perhaps I'm missing something, but when last_orders() is called,
isn't the disk already unmounted and 'mdconfig -d -u' already

dump 0f - _.disk.image > ~/foo.dump

worked for me just now. Is there some reason that it wouldn't work for
you in last orders if you tossed a NANO_DISKIMGDIR in front of it
and last orders would work for you. You could even pipe it into some
compression program...

Huh, I didn't know you could do that on the image file.
I feel dumb, now ;-)

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