I've added MacbookAir5,1 to asmc and will send a patch soon. Just wanted to
ask for some advice first.

Copying the configuration from MBA3 I get the following:

SMS seems to be not supported. kldload takes minutes to complete and gives
weird values. I just disable that for now.

FAN seems to function normally except "safespeed" is very large number
compared to maxspeed.

TEMP also seems correct but can not really confirm what sensors are on in
the machine.

Light.right is always zero.
Light.left seems to work normally.

Light.control works fine except:
The keyboard backlight is turned off when resuming from suspend (S3). The
sysctl reports the last set value but it needs to be set again after
resume. Are there suspend / resume functions like probe/attach etc that are
called that I can implement or how do kernel modules handle suspend/resume?


dev.asmc.0.light.control: 0
dev.asmc.0.light.right: 0
dev.asmc.0.light.left: 1
dev.asmc.0.temp.TC0P: 47
dev.asmc.0.temp.TC0E: 51
dev.asmc.0.temp.TC0D: 52
dev.asmc.0.temp.TB2T: 32
dev.asmc.0.temp.TB1T: 34
dev.asmc.0.temp.enclosure: 34
dev.asmc.0.fan.0.targetspeed: 2000
dev.asmc.0.fan.0.maxspeed: 6500
dev.asmc.0.fan.0.minspeed: 2000
dev.asmc.0.fan.0.safespeed: 16383
dev.asmc.0.fan.0.speed: 2002
dev.asmc.0.fan.0.id: Exhaust
dev.asmc.0.%parent: acpi0
dev.asmc.0.%pnpinfo: _HID=APP0001 _UID=0
dev.asmc.0.%location: handle=\_SB_.PCI0.LPCB.SMC_
dev.asmc.0.%driver: asmc
dev.asmc.0.%desc: Apple SMC MacBook Air 11" (Mid 2012)

One more thing,
dmidecode can't find any SMBIOS or DMI entries so I have to add
to /boot/loader.conf. Is this normal?



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