On 04/30/16 19:02, Allan Jude wrote:
On 2016-04-30 19:45, Pete Wright wrote:
I recently acquired a Lenovo M900 Tiny desktop system which comes with
an intel i7-6700T Skylate CPU and Intel HD 530 graphics processor.  I am
successfully running 11-CURRENT via EFI but have three devices which I
am unable to fully utilize on current as of r298768:

1) On board Wireless reported as 'Intel Wireless 8260'

2) Audio reported as 'Sunrise Point-H HD Audio'

3) Accelerated graphics.

I am not similarly afflicted, my laptop is Ivybridge so the i915 we have
works. However, I have heard of a reasonably large number of people
having success using xf86-video-scfb in combination with EFI to get
reasonable graphics performance, until the i915 updates catch up to
their hardware:


thanks for the heads up on this allen. i just configured it now and it seems a bit better so far!

one thing i noticed was that the xorg-drivers pkg seems to depend on the xf86-video-intel driver on 11-CURRENT. keeping that pkg installed, but updating xorg.conf correctly does seem to prevent the intel driver from loading though. i'll put a note in the wiki regarding this.


Pete Wright
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