On Tue, 10 May 2016 05:53:41 +0000
Glen Barber <g...@freebsd.org> wrote:

> Thanks to O. Hartmann promptly reporting this, it was discovered that
> 'installworld' on revisions r299292-r299317 will silently replace
> /etc/passwd, /etc/master.passwd, and /etc/group with the defaults.  It
> is possible there are other files affected.  One file I can think of
> off-hand is /etc/mail/aliases, but in my development system, did not
> have local changes to this, so cannot 100% confirm.
> Please avoid this range of revisions.
> I am very sorry this went unnoticed before this change was committed.
> Glen


It is not only master.passwd, it is also group and several other config files,
I suspect it is the whole bunch of files located in /etc/ getting reset to
their initial file values.

My OpenLDAP environment isn't working anymore due to /etc/pam.d reset. X11
doesn't start anymore due to reset of /etc/ttys. also, sysctl.conf has been

I haven't figured out so far how far this goes. Lucky for those having
recent /etc/ backups. A pity FreeBSD doens't backup this by default.

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