On 5/11/2016 2:12 AM, Edward Tomasz Napierała wrote:
On 0510T1522, Matthew Grooms wrote:

The PR 204901 filed for this can be closed now that the author (ahem)
has committed support for the camcontrol reprobe command ...


Ugh.  I honestly have no idea how did I manage to miss your patch.
I did remember the discussion, I remember asking mav@ about what's the
best way to hook it up to CAM, but until yesterday I just didn't know
the patch (and the PR) existed.  Sorry for that.  Guess that's what
happens when I try to keep up with too many unrelated subprojects
at the same time.

No worries. Thanks for getting support for this in the tree. I look forward to not rebooting production VMs after a VMDK resize.

And while on the subject of VMware+SCSI, it would be great if someone could get the VMware PVSCSI driver into the tree for the 11.0 release. It's sitting in phabricator in review and I'm sure it would be useful to a bunch of FreeBSD users ...



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