On Sun, 15 May 2016, Andreas Nilsson wrote:


I'm trying to install current on my lenovo x1 yoga ( and keeping it dual
boot for now).

I have a fair amount of disk free after resizing. I can't seem to workout
how to do the partitioning. Do I only need the freebsd-zfs partition (
assuming no/zvol-swap?

I would think, but have not tested ZFS with UEFI.

Do I manually copy boot1.efi to the existing EFI partition?

Yes. Mount the EFI partition with msdosfs, then copy boot1.efi to /EFI/BOOT/. Then comes the tricky part, getting the UEFI firmware to add that as a boot option. In a Dell UEFI system, it could be added to the boot options, and the firmware has the user select the file from the EFI partition for that option.
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