---- On Sun, 22 May 2016 11:27:28 -0700 Matthew Macy <mm...@nextbsd.org> wrote 
 > To improve the user experience I disabled debug logging by default. Before 
 > reporting a non-fatal error  with i915 load the drm2 module first, then: 
 > sysctl dev.drm.drm_debug=-1 to enable full logging. Once you have done that 
 > you can then load i915. The "unimplemented" and "dodgy" warnings are 
 > expected, they're just placeholders to remind me to get back to them. 

 When I specified the disk image name I assumed it was self-evident that 
'YYMMDDHH'  is the date format.  Looking at the access logs it appears that 
many took that literally. You can find the most recent at: 

Currently there is only one,  disk_16052200.img.xz.


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