On 01.06.2016 23:04, Bryan Drewery wrote:
> No.  The build and how dependencies are generated and handled is still
> fundamentally the same.  Open the .depend.* files and see.  It is only
> simple dependencies for the target built.  There's nothing new about its
> content.  If foo.c includes stdlib.h then it includes sys/_types.h which
> includes sys/cdefs.h, etc.  This graph is in the old (mkdep) and new
> .depend* content.  This is easily provable by just comparing mkdep
> output to the new versions.
> Without specific evidence of a bug I cannot help.

Thanx for pointing me to MD *div sources, I overlook them.

About 'make depend', I don't notice anything suspicious during simple
tests and don't have time or energy to look deeper in that area.
Probably several clang libs rebuilds during the single day while none
usually expected cause my overreaction.
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