Hello All,

i've been looking at ``mount_xxx'' code and have noticed "strange" thing.
all ``mount_xxx'' utilities have common part of code, like

        error = getvfsbyname("xxx", &vfc);
        if (error && vfsisloadable("xxx")) {
                   if (vfsload("xxx"))
                           err(EX_OSERR, "vfsload(xxx)");
                   endvfsent();    /* flush cache */
                   error = getvfsbyname("xxx", &vfc);
        if (error)
                   errx(1, "xxx filesystem is not available");

           if (mount(vfc.vfc_name, dir, mntflags, &args) < 0)
                   err(1, NULL);

1) what is the reason for this? why can't move this code to ``mount''?
2) what is the purpose of the following code in

  for (vfsp = vfsconf; vfsp; vfsp = vfsp->vfc_next)
                if (!strcmp(vfsp->vfc_name, fstypename))
        if (vfsp == NULL) {
                linker_file_t lf;

                /* Refuse to load modules if securelevel raised */
                if (securelevel > 0) {
                        return EPERM; 
                /* Only load modules for root (very important!) */
                if ((error = suser(p)) != 0) {
                        return error;
                error = linker_load_file(fstypename, &lf);
                if (error || lf == NULL) {
                        if (lf == NULL)
                                error = ENODEV;
                        return error;

from my understanding this is done to load FS module.
or did i miss someting?


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