>Yes.  the patch convert all IPv4 mapped IPv6 address returned into
>IPv4 address.  If someone announce mapped address using AAAA RR, it
>also converted.  So, caller have no chance to know whether returned
>address is mapped address or native IPv4 address.  However, I think
>this is rare case in at least now.
>After correcting getaddrinfo()'s search order, in some case, A RR is
>accidentaly converted into mapped address without expectation of
>caller.  This may confuse IPv4 people and force inconvenience.  I
>worry about this.
>Fixing ftp(1) and other caller is also important.  But, it is another

        isn't there some issue in getipnodebyname(), instead of getaddrinfo()?
        (NOTE: I'm not really up-to-date with the current status of freebsd4
        if you can tell me repeatable example of getaddrinfo() failure, 
        that would be helpful...


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