Hi Michael,

El día Saturday, June 04, 2016 a las 01:40:46PM +0200, Michael Gmelin escribió:

> Hi Matthias,
> Did you try to connect an external USB keyboard?

no; it uses the laptop onboard keyboard;

> i386 or amd64?


> Did you do a full clean build?
> GENERIC or custom kernel config?

yes, clean 'make buildkernel KERNCONF=GENERIC'

interestingly: I can type at the prompt 'mountroot> ' into the dark and
always when I press Ctrl the chars are written to the screen and so I can
specify 'ufs:/dev/ad4s1a' which than leads to the same error 19.

I can as well boot an USB key with the old kernel r269739, mount
/dev/ad4s1a to /mnt, all fine; I did even a fsck while booted from USB
on /dev/ad4s1a. The FS is clean.


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