> This "band-aid" seems to have worked. I haven't had a single panic since 
 > - Thanks! :-) 
 > I tried to compile with -O0 but, for some reason, it panics in the sound 
 > driver with a double-fault. When I get time, I'll recompile only the 
 > files involved and see if I can't get a decent trace (and dump) to 
 > identify the cause, 
No need. Based on the line that it crashed at, the problem is that with no 
mappings no pv_entry has been allocated. Somehow on your laptop you're able to 
get in to a situation where fictitious pages have been added to the object that 
don't get mapped. This isn't a strange situation in and of itself, but you seem 
to be the only hitting this. 

In any event, the DRM 4.6 port will support AGP in about a week. It will 
probably have bugs, but this one isn't in any of its code paths.

I'm glad your system works a bit better now.



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