On Sat, 4 Jun 2016, Matthias Apitz wrote:

El día Saturday, June 04, 2016 a las 02:41:48PM +0200, Michael Gmelin escribió:

It's also covered in UPDATING:

        Compatibility shims for legacy ATA device names have been
        removed. It includes ATA_STATIC_ID kernel option,
        kern.cam.ada.legacy_aliases and kern.geom.raid.legacy_aliases
        loader tunables, kern.devalias.* environment variables, /dev/ad*
        and /dev/ar* symbolic links.

Next time I will do read UPDATING. Thanks for your help.

Use labels so there are no static device names at all. With MBR, the options are limited, but UFS labels work and have no metadata problems:


GPT has very nice partition labels that can be set with gpart -l. It works with i386 and BIOS booting.
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