In attempting to build a snapshot for current, I came across the
following problem in  the release.4 target of the Makefile in

cc -static -o boot_crunch boot_crunch.o sh.lo find.lo sed.lo test.lo
rm.lo pwd.lo ppp.lo sysinstall.lo newfs.lo minigzip.lo cpio.lo fsck.lo
ifconfig.lo route.lo slattach.lo mount_nfs.lo dhclient.lo arp.lo
hostname.lo pccardc.lo pccardd.lo usbd.lo usbdevs.lo -ll -ledit -lutil
-lkvm -lmd -lcrypt -lftpio -lz -lnetgraph -ldialog -lncurses -lmytinfo
-L/usr/src/release/libdisk/obj -ldisk -lipx
dhclient.lo: In function `script_init':
dhclient.lo(.text+0x416b): warning: mktemp() possibly used unsafely;
consider using mkstemp()
strip boot_crunch
crunchgen: /usr/src/release/fixit_crunch.conf: more: warning: could not
find source directory
crunchgen: /usr/src/release/fixit_crunch.conf: more: warning: could not
find any .o files
crunchgen: /usr/src/release/fixit_crunch.conf: more: error: no objpaths
specified or calculated
crunchgen: /usr/src/release/fixit_crunch.conf: more: ignoring program
because of errors
Run "make -f objs exe" to build crunched binary.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/src/release.

Note that the crunchgen could not find the sources for "more."

Does this have something to do with the replacement of "more" by "less"
recently? I am not sure what the correct fix is. Someone with more
understanding of what is going on might want to address this. For
example, should one replace "more" by "less" (and "lesskey"  and
"lessecho") ? I have not tried this and tested whether things would
still fit on the floppy.

George Dinolt

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