On 6/8/16 23:10, Craig Rodrigues wrote:
> Hi,
> I have worked with Marcelo Araujo to port OpenBSD's ypldap to FreeBSD
> current.
> In latest current, it should be possible to put in /etc/rc.conf:
> nis_ypldap_enable="YES"
> to activate the ypldap daemon.
> When set up properly, it should be possible to log into FreeBSD, and have
> the backend password database come from an LDAP database such
> as OpenLDAP
> There is some documentation for setting this up, but it is OpenBSD specific:
> http://obfuscurity.com/2009/08/OpenBSD-as-an-LDAP-Client
> http://puffysecurity.com/wiki/ypldap.html#2
> I did not bother porting the OpenBSD LDAP server to FreeBSD, so that
> information
> does not apply.  I figure that openldap from ports should work fine.
> I was wondering if there is someone out there familiar enough with LDAP
> and has a setup they can test this stuff out with, provide feedback, and
> help
> improve the documentation for FreeBSD?

Looks like it would be a fun weekend project.  I've cc'ed a potential
person who may be interested in this as well.

But will this worth the effort? (I think the current implementation
would do everything with plaintext protocol over wire, so while it
extends life for legacy applications that are still using NIS/YP, it
doesn't seem to be something that we should recommend end user to use?)

> I would also be interested in hearing from someone who can see if
> ypldap can work against a Microsoft Active Directory setup?


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