Hi to all FreeBSD community and developers!

Sorry for my bad English...

I am owner of mini-PC Intel NUC5PPYH and Intel DN2820FYKH. And both of NUCs has
a problem with timer of BIOS start after FreeBSD installation and 

FreeBSD 11.0-ALPHA2 (and the same problem with previous versions of FreeBSD).

NUC5PPYH with latest BIOS 0054. NUC DN2820 with BIOS 0052.

Computer is off. I am press Power button, NUC is on, and display graphical NUC
logo and after a few seconds and one beeper sond (keyboard init) PC print menu.
I am select boot from USB and install FreeBSD from USB-stick to HDD (Auto ZFS 
with GPT BIOS-active. <- working installer configuration for NUC).

After reboot, then on case NUC5PPYH time from graphical logo "NUC" to beeper
sound (keyboard init) is 1 min 15 sec, after that FreeBSD is loading. If Power 
PC and Power On again, the problem with slow start of BIOS to keyboard init
is NOT solved.

Workaround: Power Off and switch power off Power supply (APC SurgeArrest). And
after that and Power On timer of BIOS start from NUC Logo to beeper sond
(keyboard init) is a few seconds, after that FreeBSD is loading. But after 
# reboot/poweroff command problem is to repeat.

But on DragonFlyBSD and Linux this problem is not observed on this computers.

Is it possible to compare installation and reboot/poweroff procedure on FreeBSD
and DragonFlyBSD and to find a solution to fix this problem on FreeBSD?

best regards,
Dmitry Postolov
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