Am 11. Juni 2016 12:38:34 MESZ, schrieb Wolfgang Zenker 
> Hi,
> * Domagoj Stolfa <> [160611 02:47]:
> > Has there been discussion on the OpenBSD's pledge going into the
> FreeBSD
> > kernel as an atomic syscall or as a MAC plugin?
> I don't remember any discussions about this, but looking at OpenBSDs
> plege(2) manpage, isn't this something going in the same direction
> as the capsicum(4) framework, just with a much more simplistic
> interface?
> Wolfgang
One could argue it's a much easier to use
interface: "453 out of 707 base system 
binaries were adapted to use pledge [in
5.9]" [1]. The "Capsicum for FreeBSD" 
page at lists 14 binaries in 
FreeBSD's base [2].

It might be possible to put a pledge 
compatible layer on top of capsicum to
reuse OpenBSD's patches for ports and
shared code in base but I know way too 
less about both mechanisms to even 
make an educated guess.

Regards, Florian

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