On Sat, 2016-06-11 at 21:59 -0700, Lundberg, Johannes wrote:
> Hi
> I want to port the pinctrl-cherryview driver from Linux.
> I've seen there is the gpiobus and a controller gpioc, can any of
> these be
> leverage when porting pinctrl?
> What is the recommend way to proceed?
> Thanks!

The term 'pinctrl' has a very specific meaning in the FDT/devicetree
world which is prevelant in linux these days.  A pinctrl driver is not
just a gpio controller driver.  If the linux driver you're talking
about is in fact an FDT pinctrl driver, then you'll essentially be
embracing the entire FDT world (it's an alternative to ACPI and hints
and other types of metadata for describing hardware).  You'll also be
breaking new ground in freebsd by being the first to try to use
freebsd's FDT support framework on an x86 platform.

-- Ian
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