On 6/13/2016 2:12 PM, Mark Millard wrote:
> I've been using the following script to run my make commands for amd64 builds 
> (as an example):
>> # more 
>> ~/sys_build_scripts.amd64-host/make_amd64_nodebug_clang_bootstrap-amd64-host.sh
>> kldload -n filemon && \
>> script 
>> ~/sys_typescripts/typescript_make_amd64_nodebug_clang_bootstrap-amd64-host-$(date
>>  +%Y-%m-%d:%H:%M:%S) \
>> env __MAKE_CONF="/root/src.configs/make.conf" 
>> SRC_ENV_CONF="/root/src.configs/src.conf.amd64-clang-bootstrap.amd64-host" \
>> MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX="/usr/obj/clang/amd64.amd64" \
>> make $*
> When the WITH_META_MODE=yes is present (as shown) delete-old and 
> delete-old-libs command line arguments to the script do not display the 
> prompts but the process does wait for the y/n answers. I've actually used top 
> in another window to see what it is waiting for an answer to. After I've 
> answered all the questions then the list of prompts finally is shown all at 
> once.
> Without WITH_META_MODE= each prompt text is displayed before it waits for the 
> answer to that prompt.
> This sort of fits in with my earlier questions about make usage that is in 
> the likes of, say, mergemaster and if/where care about WITH_META_MODE=yes use 
> vs. disuse might be important for such. For example: Should "env 
> WITH_META_MODE=yes" be used with mergemaster if it was used with buildworld, 
> buildkernel, installkernel, and installworld?

I thought I had fixed this but I see I did not. There's a few similar
bugs here to fix.  WITH_META_MODE=yes is intended to be safe to always
set.  Mergemaster is special since it is building private targets rather
than only public targets.  So I'll likely have to patch it.

Bryan Drewery

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