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301956 by hselasky:
Implement libusb_get_version() and update libusb manual page.

Approved by:    re (glebius)
Requested by:   swills
MFC after:      1 week

301955 by avg:
fix a zfs boot regression introduced in r300117 by accident

There is no reason to return non-zero value from zfs_probe_partition()
as that causes following partitions to not be probed for ZFS vdevs.
A particular scenario that I encountered is a GPT partitioned disk
where several partitions have freebsd-zfs type.  A partition with a lower
index is used as a cache (l2arc) vdev and in that case case zfs_probe()
returned a non-zero status.  That status was returned to ptable_iterate()
and caused it to abort the iteration.  Because of that the subsequent
partitions were not probed and a root pool was not discovered resulting
in a boot failure.

While there fix the style for nearby return statements.

Approved by:    re (kib)

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