Updated my BBB to the latest -current, immediately got this while trying to
make world over ssh console:

06:02:17 CPSW watchdog cpswss0: watchdog timeout
cpswss0: Unable to cleanly shutdown transmitter

Interface seems to be locked after that, no traffic comes in or out.

This is:

FreeBSD 11.0-ALPHA3 #1 ba7edef(tps65217x)-dirty: Fri Jun 17 16:22:07 PDT
2016, svn revision 301898

The previous version that was rock-solid was:

FreeBSD 11.0-CURRENT #0 9d390ee(tps65217x)-dirty: Mon Jul  6 19:31:30 PDT
2015, svn revision 284878

I've been running buildworlds for literally days on that board, because
it's how long it takes to build on that hardware. :)

I'll run it again and see if the issue re-appears.

If anyone seen this or if it's known issue please let me know.


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