after the update of my rc scripts (~a month ago if I remember correctly)
to use source_rc_conf it didn't boots as expected. E.g. it didn't starts
anything from rc.i386. I had to source rc.conf* manually in rc.i386. 

Other misbehavior:
 - didn't set the defaultroute
 - didn't start ntpd/lpd
 - portmap gets started (set to NO in rc.conf)
 - didn't activates the TCP extensions (it explicitely deactivates
   them, this is the default from /etc/defaults/rc.conf)
 - uses default sendmail flags

I tried to source rc.conf* in rc.network and I merged rc.conf.local with
rc.conf, but no success.

I'm trying to solve this by myself since a month, but I have no clue
what the problem is (and which info to provide (perhaps the output of
the rc scripts with "set -x"?) to let someone else solve the problem).

Anybody out there who knows what to do?


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