On Thu, Apr 9, 2015 at 12:10 AM, Garrett Cooper <yaneurab...@gmail.com> wrote:
> It booted both FreeBSD/Linux without my controller — the hardware 
> compatibility with it just sucks.
> Email back from ASUS, “it’s not in our compatibility list. Use another card”. 
> Uh, yeah… right. Not going to dump another $300 in an LSI card and redo my 
> RAID. Guess I’ll purchase another motherboard.
> Thank you for the input everyone. I’ll leave a helpful review on Newegg so 
> others don’t stumble on this either.

(following up/closing out the thread from last year on a more constructive note)

I recently had to replace my P6T-WS motherboard/CPU because it finally
bit the dust (it was 7 years old). I found a ASUS desktop board that
worked with the before mentioned LSI card -- ASUS Z170M-E D3. The
compatibility list didn't mention my LSI card specifically, but it
said that they validated the 9260-4i card, which was "close enough"

The card's detected properly at POST, it attaches in FreeBSD, and the
volume looks AOK. The only thing that's slightly annoying is that the
chipset does some silly things with the onboard graphics when I plug
it in initially (I believe it thinks it's a graphics card..), so I had
to tweak some BIOS settings.

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