This will break binary compatibility for loadable modules that depend on
struct disk.  DISK_VERSION has been bumped, and I bumped __FreeBSD_version
in a subsequent change.

So, if you have module that uses struct disk, you'll need to recompile
against the latest version of head.


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Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2016 20:18:19 +0000 (UTC)
From: "Kenneth D. Merry" <>
Subject: svn commit: r302069 - head/sys/geom

Author: ken
Date: Tue Jun 21 20:18:19 2016
New Revision: 302069

  Fix a bug that caused da(4) instances to hang around after the underlying
  device is gone.
  The problem was that when disk_gone() is called, if the GEOM disk
  creation process has not yet happened, the withering process
  couldn't start.
  We didn't record any state in the GEOM disk code, and so the d_gone()
  callback to the da(4) driver never happened.
  The solution is to track the state of the creation process, and
  initiate the withering process from g_disk_create() if the disk is
  being created.
  This change does add fields to struct disk, and so I have bumped
  geom_disk.c:  Track where we are in the disk creation process,
                and check to see whether our underlying disk has
                gone away or not.
                In disk_gone(), set a new d_goneflag variable that
                g_disk_create() can check to see if it needs to
                clean up the disk instance.
  geom_disk.h:    Add a mutex to struct disk (for internal use) disk
                init level, and a gone flag.
                Bump DISK_VERSION because the size of struct disk has
                changed and fields have been added at the beginning.
  Sponsored by: Spectra Logic
  Approved by:  re (marius)


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Kenneth Merry
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