On 6/16/16 3:35 PM, Bryan Drewery wrote:
> On 6/16/16 11:39 AM, Florian Ermisch wrote:
>> Am 14. Juni 2016 13:36:32 MESZ, schrieb Ben Woods <woods...@gmail.com>:
>>> On Tuesday, 14 June 2016, Pavel Timofeev <tim...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> 14 июня 2016 г. 10:37 пользователь "Ben Woods" <woods...@gmail.com
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>>>>> On 14 June 2016 at 09:11, René Ladan <r...@freebsd.org
>>>> <javascript:_e(%7B%7D,'cvml','r...@freebsd.org');>> wrote:
>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>> I updated my pkgbase installation (11.0-amd64 from a few weeks
>>> ago) to
>>>>>> 11.0-ALPHA3. Building and installing went fine but it turns out
>>> that
>>>>>> libpam.so* is lost in the update (both the symlink and the
>>> actual so,
>>>>>> currently so.6) :
>>>>>> # pkg upgrade
>>>>>> # pkg autoremove
>>>>>>    <<FreeBSD-lib removed which contains the old libpam.so.5, so
>>> one
>>>>>> version lower)
>>>>>>   << yes, I forgot to run mergemaster>>
>>>>>> # reboot
>>>>>>   <<login(1) no longer works, but single-user + dhclient is
>>> still fine)
>>>>>> Is this a known bug?
>>>>>> Regards,
>>>>>> René
>>>>> Michael Lucas mentioned on twitter a few days ago that pam was
>>> broken
>>>>> recently in FreeBSD current.
>>>>> Michael: was this a problem with libpam.so going missing? Were you
>>> using
>>>>> pkgbase, or is this an issue with the normal build/install system
>>> also?
>>>>> Regards,
>>>>> Ben
>>>>> --
>>>> Hi!
>>>> I have the same problem with normal build/install system.
>>> Ok, thanks for the feedback.
>>> Bringing in the FreeBSD-current@ mailing list as it is not a problem
>>> with
>>> PkgBase, but with 11-current.
>>> Regards,
>>> Ben
>> On my laptop running a few weeks old CURRENT sudo
>> just broke after a `pkg upgrade`. The missing lib it's 
>> complaining about is libpam.so.6 but when built from
>> ports it's linked against libpam.so.5.
> Packages built after base r301892 will be fixed.

Actually the case of libpam.so.6 needed by sudo and your system has
libpam.so.5 is just part of running head and using head packages.  The
head packages are built every 2 days from the latest head at that time.
So packages were built using the bumped libpam.so.6 but your system
didn't yet have that so sudo failed to work.  The only good way to fix
this is to not be splitting our dependencies up so that some are not in
the package set.  Meaning, not having base libraries and moving
everything into the same ports/pkg system.  Which by the way is *not*
what pkgbase does in its current form since we're using 2 repositories
that have different dependencies between them.  We would need a single
repository, or not be removing old versions from both and pkg supporting
multiple versions from remotes.  I don't see the first happening due to
secteam/re needs of controlling the base system builds, and I don't see
the latter happening soon.

The __FreeBSD_version bump in r301892 only fixed the sudo package still
wanting libpam.so.5 rather than the bumped libpam.so.6.

Packages on head have several issues.  Technically after upgrading your
world/kernel the only safe thing to do with packages is to reinstall all
of them to ensure they are all ABI-compatible with pkg upgrade -f.  Even
then because of the 2 day delay there is risk of not having it all be
compatible.  Pkg could use more logic to handle all of this better,
perhaps by comparing __FreeBSD_version numbers of local and remote and
not upgrading past it.  I don't know.

Bryan Drewery
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